LucidChart v LucidSpark


How do I know when to use LucidChart v LucidSpark?


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Ashley C
Lucid Manager

Hi Ellen,

Great question! 

Lucidchart is a great option when you need to visualize a system, vision, or plan. Some examples are business process flowcharts, org charts, and mind maps. Here is a page that details a few more popular use cases in Lucidchart.

Think of Lucidspark as a virtual whiteboard. It's great for collecting and organizing ideas during brainstorming sessions (no more manually sticking post-its on a wall), curating vision boards, building timelines, you name it. Here's a page where you can find a list of some of our most popular templates in Lucidspark.

I hope this gives you a good sense of direction when choosing which product to use. If you have any specific use cases you'd like to discuss, let us know and we're happy to make some recommendations! And of course, feel free to follow up with anymore questions.