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Micah B
Lucid Manager

Calling all creators - build powerful integrations with the resources in Lucid’s Developer Portal! See your ideas, bring your team together, and build the future using our products customized to meet your needs. The Developer Portal includes documentation on APIs, SCIM, and formulas. 


Take advantage of our public APIs by building custom integrations that meet your specific use case. For example, our APIs allow you to:

Take a look at the linked resources for more information on getting started. Alternatively, begin with our Overview, which will introduce you to our products and provide API basics on status codes, rate limiting, and more!



With our SCIM REST API, you can manage the users on your account, including:

Here, you’ll also find information on enabling SCIM and what to do if you utilize one of our supported SCIM providers - Okta, Azure, and OneLogin. 



For diagrammers who are visualizing data, our detailed formula documentation enables you to customize shapes associated with metadata that you create or import. There, you’ll find information about:


If you have feedback, or are not finding resources that meet your specific use case, we would love to hear from you via the API Request Form (also accessible within the Developer Portal.) Finally, we’d love to support you as you build and create! Post any questions you have in our Lucid Community, and a product expert will happily take a look.