Combining Lucidchart Docs while Maintaining Data Linking


I have several Lucidchart documents that have different Data Linking applied to them. I want to combine them into a single tabbed file, but when I use the Insert --> Import Page option, the data linking from the original file breaks and causes errors on the document. Even when re-linking all the same data, the errors are not corrected. Is there any way to combine data-linked documents without having to rebuild them entirely? If not, is this something we could get on a product roadmap? 

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Abigail M
Lucid Manager

Hi Vanessa, thanks for posting in the community! Just to clarify -- when you import a page with linked data, does it not retain a connection to the referenced data? If this is the case, please submit a support ticket with your document URL so we can take a closer look at the issue you are experiencing.

For anyone else looking for resources, please check out our data linking Help Center article. Please follow up in this thread with any questions!


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