My Custom Template does not create a new document


Hi. I use custom templates in another project/team folder. There my template works fine. I copied that template to a new project / Teamfolder, made some updates and turned it back in to a Template. The first time I created a document from that template I got a question that I answered and checked the box don't ask again. Now I don't get a new document when I press the New-button.

I tried to make it a document, then template again but it just won't work as a template again. How do I fix this?


Micah B
Lucid Manager

Hi Vincent, thanks for posting in the community. Apologies for the trouble - I'm glad to hear it's all sorted. Feel free to continue this thread if you have any additional questions in the future!


Hmmm, the problem was pop up-s was not allowed in the browser (Edge). As soon as I allowed it for the site it worked.