Data import for Org Chart getting stuck

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Emma D
Lucid Manager

Hi Saket, thanks for following up. The errors in your screenshot suggest that this may be related to your network connection. I created a Support ticket from this post and have reached out to you directly so we can continue troubleshooting!

If anyone else is seeing a similar issue, I recommend trying the import again in a private/incognito browser window. This often improves performance by clearing your cache and cookies and disabling your extensions. Sometimes issues like this can also be related to internet connection/security, so trying again on an alternative network can help to rule that out.

If those steps don't help, please feel free to reach out to the Lucid Support team using this form. For the quickest resolution, please make sure to include the URL of the document, the data file you are trying to import (Google Sheets, Excel, or CSV) and a screenshot of the Javascript Console output after reproducing the issue. You can open your Javascript Console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J (if your computer is a Windows/Linux) OR Cmd+Opt+J (if your computer is a Mac).