Consultant to help set up Google sheet -> Gantt chart

I have a project plan in Google sheets that I want to be able to present to others visually in a Gantt chart. 
Wondering if there is a person here that would want a brief consulting project. The right person for this job will have the knowledge to map a number of fields such that as updates are made in the Google sheet the following fields/shapes in the Lucidchart Gantt chart template will also update:
  1. The list of tasks (preserving their cardinality from the Google sheet)
  2. The owner of the task (called User in the Google sheet)
  3. The stage/phase of the task (there are 5 different ones)
  4. The length of the task (called Duration in the Google sheet)
  5. The links/dependencies/arrows between the tasks. Ideally including what side of the task the arrow connects to. (to show the critical path)
  6. The color of the task (based on the classification in the Google sheet. There are 2; Sales Order or Purchase Order. There could be a possible third)
The Google sheet and therefore the Gantt chart does not use specific dates. This is a template for a project that will be instantiated many times. The time tracking to be done is how many days each tasks duration is, what they depend on, and their relative start and stop to the other tasks. The time scale at the top of the Gantt chart is a counter of the days from the start.
For your review, this is the Google sheet to be used