Cannot draw a line-Red dots only appear "sometimes"


I am trying to draw a basic line.  Everything I've read makes it sound easy "simply hover over the box of the org chart and red dots will appear".  Thing is, they don't usually appear.  I have to click on a bunch of different things trying to get them appear, then cannot easily turn them off when I'm done. Typically if I hover and drag from the org box it creates a "box" and not a line.  Different red dots though then the ones to create a line.

Do I need to be in some special setting to be able to see the red dots to draw a line?


Micah B
Lucid Manager

Hi there, thanks for posting in the community! You are correct - there are two different line drawing behaviors. 


First, there is the ability to draw a regular line,  indicated by a plain red dot. This behavior is presented when the org chart is not the active, selected shape on the canvas. In this GIF below, I have not clicked or selected the org chart before attempting to draw a line. This is the line behavior present for standard shapes. 


Second, there is the behavior specific to org charts, in which creating a new line means you are also creating an employee. For the org chart to behave this way, I must first select it by double-clicking. Note that the plain red dots shown in the GIF above have now turned into red signs, and clicking on one adds a new employee according to the location that you added it. Also note that here, I simply click the red + sign and do not drag the line out - the org chart will place the line and employee automatically. 


For more information, please see our Work with Lines and Org Charts articles from our Help Center, and post any questions below!