Slack Integration: When I share a diagram to a Slack user, can I see that message somewhere?

  • How does a Lucidchart link get shared to a Slack user through the Lucidchart interface? 
  • Does it open a channel or is it sent as a direct message? 
  • Will I see that message somewhere in Slack?  Where?


Micah B
Lucid Manager

Hi John, 

Thanks for posting in the community! 

  • To share to Slack directly from Lucidchart, open the document you'd like to share, click the orange "Share" button, choose "Advanced," then Slack. From there, you can search for a specific channel by typing "#" followed by the channel name, or for a specific person by typing "@" followed by the person's name. Note that when sharing from Lucidchart, only public channels are searchable. You can use the Custom Message field to include a message to be sent along with the document link.

  • You can share a document with both a channel and as a direct message. You can choose the recipients as shown above within Lucidchart. From Slack, simply open the channel or direct message you'd like to share with, and type /lucidchart into your message box. 
  • Once you or a coworker shared a Lucidchart document link, you'll see a thumbnail preview of the document and a link, which you can search for and access in Slack. If you share it to a channel, it will be viewable in that channel. If you share it with a specific person, it will show as a communication from the Lucidchart app. 

For more information and step by step instructions, please take a look at our Integrate Lucidchart with Slack article from our Help Center, and let me know if you have any additional questions below!


As this is being sent via the Lucidchart/Slack integration, I assume I will not see the actual message I sent from Lucidchart in my Slack window.  So I can't continue the conversation within Slack from a direct message sent from Lucidchart.  

I have seen how the integration works when I paste the Lucidchart link to a message in Slack.  But it appears that I won't see any of the messages I send from within Lucidchart in my Slack message conversations.

I assume that any sharing from Lucidchart to a specific channel can be reviewed from my Slack window but viewing the channel itself.

Thanks ...


Micah B
Lucid Manager

Hi John, thanks for continuing this thread! To clarify, your message that you send from within Lucidchart will appear alongside the link and thumbnail, as shown in these screenshots. 


From Lucidchart:


From Slack:

If you send the document to a channel, you can continue the conversation normally in Slack within that same channel. If you share with a specific person, they will need to respond to you directly - responding to the Lucidchart app shown in the second screenshot will not pass the message along to you. 


Please let me know if you have further questions!