Freehand Drawing/Mark Up/Annotations using Apple Tablet/Pen


Similar posts, such as, "Quick Annotations/Free-hand markup", posted in January 2018, "Surface Pro + Pen", posted in March 2018, "Surface Pro and Pencil", posted May 2019.

Asking for freehand drawing, annotations, markups using layers on existing diagrams or new diagrams, maybe even convert freehand text and shapes from a known template, once ideas are somewhat finalized. Seen this feature for an ipad/ios14 on latest WWDC demo english and chinese text and shape conversion. Collaborate using layers pinned to the participating collaborators - fork, decide which layers to keep/review.  One of many possible uses cases, "What about that idea we had a couple weeks ago, can we pull up that drawing or layer (freehand drawing or annotated drawing)?"

During covid19 WFH policies, and working in a global environment, any news/updates on this feature from your Product Team?

Would be cool and extremely practical.


Micah B
Lucid Manager

Hi Frank, writing to follow up with some exciting news! We've recently launched a new Lucid product - Lucidspark - which supports freehand drawing! For more information on the feature, please view this Freehand Drawing article from our Lucidspark Help Center, and for more information about Lucidspark, please visit

Flavia D
Lucid Manager

Hi Frank, 

Thanks for reaching out in the Lucidchart community! Unfortunately, those features have not been implemented yet. However, we're always looking for ways to improve Lucidchart, and your feedback is the best way for us to do that. Please make sure to add your vote for that by promoting your idea to our development team through our feature request form. The more people who request those features, the more likely it is to be prioritized and built out. Thanks!