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Is there a way to tag items within a document?

I am trying to diagram a subject that requires many different ways of viewing in order to be helpful. I will be copying a tab and rearranging the items appropriately. However, arranging the objects in different ways will remove some of the spacial connections (arrows, etc) of each item, and I would like each item to retain a tag so that I can know the category of each item at a glance. One way to do this would be to color each item differently per tag, but doing so requires a legend and the ability to meaningfully distinguish between the meanings of each color. Another way would be to leave the keywords in a comment for the object, but comments are not searchable, which is a major need while reviewing the content. 

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Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for reaching out on Lucidchart Community! Unfortunately the only way I would recommend is the colors that you already mentioned. Would you mind adding this feature suggestion using our feature request form? These requests go directly to our development team for their consideration.


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