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Org chart direct report lines

I am working on an org chart and have limited space.  The way the direct report flick out makes it much wider than it needs to be.  Is it possible to make them directly under?  See attached example of what I need?  Thanks!

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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for reaching out on the Lucidchart Community!

Under the Selection Tools tab on the right-hand side, you can adjust the layout, as well as the vertical and horizontal spacing.

The red box indicates the style that it sounds like is currently selected. If you select the highlighted (in blue) option, it should put them directly below. From there you can adjust the vertical and horizontal spacing as desired. Hope this helps!

For anyone looking for basic instructions on how to create and edit Org Charts, please check out Org Charts.

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Thank you Shanna that did the trick.  I tired this before and it didn't work, seems i needed to change my parent values so they don't all belong to the one single parent.  After I did this it worked!

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