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Dynamically adding links

I have built a custom shape that uses data integration to pull from a google sheet.

Once I drag a new instance of the shape onto a chart, I just need to update a single reference an it pulls in all the correct information from the google sheet, which I love.

I would like to be able to pull a URL from the google sheet, display it on my shape and for it to be clickable. Is this currently possible?

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Hi Alistair, 

Thanks for reaching out in the Lucidchart Community! That’s a great question! It is possible to pull a URL from a Google Sheet, display it in a shape and make it clickable. The URL should work as any other data on your sheet. Please note that when dragging data to a shape (including a URL), the data won’t automatically appear on the shape. The data that is tied to that particular shape will appear above where the data is shown on your right toolbar, and you can decide which data you want to actually be displayed by clicking the “T”. 

Once you have assigned the data (URL) to your shape, the link should be clickable by holding down Shift+Ctrl (Shift+Cmd for Mac) and clicking on the shape. 

For more information on how to import a data set into a Lucidchart document and to get the most out of this feature, please check our Link Google Sheet, Excel, or CSV Data to Lucidchart Diagrams article from the Lucidchart Help Center. Hope this helps!

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