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ORG chart for non profit

I have created an org chart for a Hospice Non profit that I belong to.

  • I have a number of committees listed in the org chart that report to the board


  • is it possible to list the names and contact info for the committee members in a table/excel chart
  • can this table be linked to the org chart box- ie you double click on the box and the table of committee members appears

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide

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Hi Marion,

Thanks for reaching out to Lucid support. We do not have a feature to do exactly what you are describing, but there are a few ways you could make this happen in Lucidchart.

You could add the additional committee member information into notes associated with the org chart shapes, as shown here:


You could also create additional pages in your diagram containing the committee member information and use hotspots to link the org chart shapes to these pages.

Hope this helps!

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