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What does free features cover?

Hi i been using lucid chart for a few years now and never had a problem with the limits of the free edition. Previously ive made huge mindmaps with many shapes. Now im trying to make a new one but im tould that im at the limit of the free edition. but my flow chart isnt half as big as i made them before? How does the "number of shapes" work? ive deleated all my other documents so i should have plenty?

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Hi Jakob, 

Thanks for posting in the community! For a description of what is included in a free account, please take a look at our Account Types article. Note that the shape limit is 60 objects per document, and lines are also included in the shape count. This shape count is also not pooled across the three documents you can create, meaning that you aren't able to use 180 shapes in one document. 


If you have additional questions about specific functionality available to you after reviewing that resource, feel free to let me know! 

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