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LucidChart Freezing when new shapes are added

I am experiencing an issue where adding a new shape will sometimes (1/10 times or so) cause LucidChart to lock up and not display the shape. When I click and drag to add a new diagram element, most of the time it works, but fairly consistently the Chrome web UI will freeze at some point between the 5th and 20th shape I add during a session.

Reloading temporarily fixes this - but it is making the tool pretty hard to use effectively.

Any advice or how do I submit a bug report to dev team?

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Hi Tim, 

Thanks for posting in the community! I'm sorry for the trouble you've been experiencing. In order to test if it is actually a bug, I'd like to take a few basic troubleshooting steps to eliminate other potential causes. Could you try opening your document in a private or incognito window? Could you also try connecting to a different network? Sometimes account performance issues can be related to internet security/speed or browser issues.


If these don't resolve the issue, please submit a ticket here with the following:

  • The URL to your document. If this happens in multiple documents, please let me know. 
  • A screenshot of the associated Javascript Console output after reproducing the issue. You can open your Javascript Console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J (if your computer is a Windows/Linux) OR Cmd+Opt+J (if your computer is a Mac).
  • The version of Chrome you are using
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