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"Too many nested groups" when importing SVG to Illustrator

SVG files generated by Lucidcharts are virtually useless. On a similar question they tried to shift the blame to Illustrator, but that is clearly not the case.

Although they display correctly in the browser, I can't find any tool that can open them or any online converter that can successfully convert them to a format that is usable.

There is no support to import SVG into documents such as DOC or PPT, I have to convert it to WMF first (a vector format supported by Microsoft Office), but this simple task seems to be impossible because those SVG files are completely broken, and all tools will either display a bunch of twisted shapes or not load them at all.


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Hi Arthur, 

Thanks for posting in the community! Our apologies for the trouble you've experienced when using the Export to SVG tool. Would you mind adding your thoughts to this feature request form? Ideas submitted to this form are passed on to the product development team for their consideration.We take our feature requests very seriously as a growing company, and this is the best way to let them know that this functionality would be helpful for your work. 

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