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PDF Links Lost

Hi I have checked previous posts but this is driving me crackers.  I faithfully insert the link as an action > Link to Web in my Flowchart.  I clear the previous link and then insert this again just to ensure this is correct.  When I check the link is correct.

However when I save the file as a pdf, the correct links disappear.  Is this due to the length of the link I am inserting please?

Why do some of my links work and other times it doesn't?  This is really frustrating.  Any thoughts please.

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Hi Leigh,

Thanks for posting in the Community. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with the PDF links within your document. Just to verify we're on the same page in regard to intended functionality, would you mind reviewing our Help Center article on Actions (Links) and Hotspots? I'm currently having trouble reproducing what you've described. As this seems to be an account/document specific issue, would you mind contacting us here with some example Lucidchart documents and the resulting PDFs which do not have the links that you expect? 

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