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Slice pizza graph of 6 dynamic shapes with the same center. Data Analysis Example.

Analysis of seven classes of Lithuanian dictation (data real, source confidential). A "cut pizza" chart is used. The first chart consists of 6 dynamic shapes (7 types of spelling errors; screenshot). They have a common center and different degrees of rotation. The second "pizza" is for types of punctuation errors. After that is the analysis table. Below the table are 8 pairs of graphs
(by grades, 3a ... 3e and mixed). The first graph of the pair is the number of students per type of spelling error (and the number of errors for each type, below). In addition, the yellow sticker has information about the number of students in the class and the grade point average(see note). The second graph is for punctuation errors. There are expert recommendations at the end.
Note: Lithuania uses a ten point scoring system (10 being the highest point).
Author - Vytautas Markeliūnas. (C) All Rights Reserved.



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