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UML Sequence Markup - Font Size Adjustment

Dear Support,


I am using UML Sequence Markup - quite heavily.


One thing that I find to be annoying and difficult is the font size in the UML markup section when writing the code.

Is way to change the default font size in the UML markup to assist in usability?


Please help.   

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Hi Elliot,

Thanks for posting in the Community. I apologize for any confusion. If you select a default font while you have your UML Markup editor open, all further shapes generated by your markup code will adhere to this font size. If you continue having trouble with this please let me know. 


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Thank you for the quick response. 


Your suggestion does work for the output of the Build from the UML Markup. 


However the font size I need to change is within the UML Markup window itself not the output in the graph.


I need this primarily because the UML Markup has limited sizing capability,  i though a a quick fix would be to reduce to size the font in the UML Markup window which seem to be stuck at size 12ish.

(i.e  changing the font for  "1. Alice -> Bob" ....)


screenshot below of the area of the screen I need to adjust the font on, or if pops out into a separate window and I could adjust the font size  would be make it really usable. 

Many thanks 



Elliott P 0 votes
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Hi Elliott,

Thanks for following up. My apologies for misunderstanding your question. Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to edit the font size within the markup editor. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes. If this is a functionality you'd like to see added to Lucidchart in the future, would you mind submitting a feature request form? Ideas and suggestions submitted through this form are passed directly to our product development team for consideration. Please let me know if you have further questions. 

Adam Y 0 votes
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