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Excel data import problem

I'm having the same problem as was posted here but unfortunately the person posting said they solved the "formatting problem" but never explained further: https://lucidchart.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360018251586-Excel-data-imported

For some reason when I tested the link excel data feature, it worked perfectly. Then when I went back to use it with my full dataset, everytime I try to link it to a shape, rather than the data, I get the following message in the shape "{{=referencekey(1).' Contact Name '}}" where Contact Name is the header of the column I'm trying to display.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for posting in the Lucidchart Community. I'm sorry to hear you're encountering trouble with data linking. As a first step, would you mind reviewing this Help Center article to verify we're on the same page in regard to intended functionality? If you're still experiencing this, would you mind contacting us here and attaching the spreadsheet file in question along with specifying what field you're attempting to display on the shape? Thanks in advance for your help and patience. 

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Thanks for the prompt response Adam.

I created a completely new excel file to test this morning and that worked. So then I proceeded to copy section of my old dataset across until I realised the problem is caused by the headers in the excel document having line breaks or carriage returns in them. I imported the data from a webpage which is where they must have come from.

Anyway, deleting the carriage returns fixed the problem. Would be great if LucidCharts could take that into account when importing, but at least the problem is sorted. Thanks!

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