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TIFF (.tif) or vector EPS (.eps) format.


I need to get my graphs in in TIFF (.tif) or vector EPS (.eps) format. How can I do that? 

Here's a copy from the journal demands:

"TIFF files should be compressed once created, ensuring file sizes are kept to a minimum to aid easy file transfer. When saving as TIFF format, please ensure that LZW compression is applied.

  • File extension: .tif
  • Recommended for: all images
  • Note: Virtually all common artwork creation software is capable of saving files in TIFF format; this 'option' can normally be found under the 'Save As...' or 'Export...' commands in the 'File' menu."

In Lucidchart I can find from 'save as' only pdf, png, jpeg, svg. Please help me find TIFF or tell me how to covert my graph to TIFF from other formats. 



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Hi there,

Thanks for posting in the Lucidchart Community! Unfortunately, Lucidchart does not currently support downloads or exports of TIFF or EPS formatted documents. However, there are plenty of free online tools available to convert PDF documents to TIFF or EPS formats. I recommend downloading your document as a PDF and using one of these free online tools to convert your document to the correct format. If you'd like to be able to download documents as .tif or .eps files, we'd love your suggestion to be added to our Feature Request Form! This form is shared with our development team to help them prioritize which features should be added to and updated in Lucidchart. Thanks in advance for your suggestion! Let me know if you have any questions!

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