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Toggling disappearance of shapes on the main page with layers

I am working with layers to create a process map showing current state and future state. I want the future state shapes to show on the main page (with current state hidden), but then I want future state shapes to disappear or be greyed out when I reveal the current state.

Right now, the only way I can accomplish this is by having the future state shapes in their own layer, which then means that I have to toggle them to HIDE after I toggle the current state to APPEAR. I'm looking for functionality where ONE toggle reveals current state and removes future state (and vice versa), while ALSO showing future state on the main page.

Is this doable?

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Hi there Allison, thanks for reaching out!

You can use actions and hotspots to achieve this: First, make the current state layer invisible and the future state layer visible. Then drag a new shape onto the canvas > right click > Add Action. In the panel that appears next to the shape select “Toggle Layers” and select both layers (future state and present state) and click "Done". Now, when you use ctrl+shift+click (cmd+shift+click on Mac) on this shape, both of the layers will be toggled to the state they are not currently in, meaning the future state will turn invisible while the current state will turn visible.

Hope this helps!

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