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Data Labels

I am creating a floor plan from a Smartsheet and everything is working except one thing.  For each desk we have two separate cells we are dragging in from linked data.  First we did the seat number (01-01-001-WS), I dragged an individual cell from the linked data and when I view it the data sidebar it only shows "Seating Location = "01-01-001-WS".  Then I dragged in the cell next to it that contains the employee name for that row.  However when I view it using the data sidebar is has BOTH the Seating Location and Employee Name data points.  

Is there a way to only have the Employee Name show up in the second linked cell?  The way it is now is making it impossible to set up conditional formatting since if I want the space to be formatted depending on the room type but the employee name to always be the same color.


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