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All my documents gone

Hi All,


I have went on holiday 2 weeks ago and lost all of my documents :( Is there any way to get those restored?

Tried to log in from different computers, different browsers and the only thing what I can see is a Permission Denied message and all the Shared with me Documents, but my own ones have been disappeared.

How can I loose permission to my own documents? Or how can I loose my documents in the first place?


Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Daniel, thanks for posting! It looks like what occurred was your original account was deleted and you are now signing into a new account. I'd recommend reaching out to your internal IT team to check why your account was deleted and to see if they can get you access to your previous documents as it appears they were transferred prior to your account being deleted. Hope this helps!

Maison W 0 votes
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Hi Maison,

Thanks for your quick response. 

Just as you said my account got deleted (no one knows how/why)... Luckily all my files been assigned to one of the admin accounts.

I got my old documents re-shared with me and now I can work with those again.

Thank you for your support.

Daniel K 0 votes
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