Unable to open diagrams on my account page


i can see the diagrams!however, I cannot open them.


Help, please!


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Adam Y
Lucid Manager

Hi Walter,

Thanks for posting in the Community. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. As a first step, could you please try opening Lucidchart in an Incognito Chrome window to help us narrow down the potential cause? Could you also try connecting to a different network? Sometimes account performance issues can be related to internet security/speed or browser issues. If you're still unable to open your documents after attempting these steps, please contact us here and include the following: 

  • A screenshot of the issue you're experiencing. 
  • A screenshot of the associated Javascript Console output after reproducing the issue. You can open your Javascript Console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J (if your computer is a Windows/Linux) OR Cmd+Opt+J (if your computer is a Mac).

Thanks in advance for your help and patience.