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Import of Excel Data and refreshing it

I have a linked xls file and I am not able to refresh information both directions. I would like to be able to create people on the cart and sync back to excel, if not then I would like to refresh data not reimport data from excel as I am adding more info on the lucid chart than is in excel

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Hi Rob, 

Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to push changes from Lucidchart to a data source. Additionally, because Excel data files are locally stored rather than accessible online, Lucidchart does not have access to changes you make to the excel sheet unless to re-import the source. 

If you would like to be able to refresh data from your source, I recommend transferring your data from Excel to a Google Sheet. If you would like to see bi-lateral sync between Lucidchart and Google Sheets, can you please add this request to our feature request form


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