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Can I start stacking child nodes vertically at a level before the last level?

Hi there -

I'm using an Org Chart template. 

My chart is over 120-inches wide.

I have 5 levels from the root to the last level of children.

The child nodes start stacking vertically at the 5th level. Can I make it start stacking vertically at the 4th level too? This would help with the width.

Can I override something to make this happen? The chart is unreadable for my users because it is so wide.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for reaching out. Currently we only have the 3 layout options shown in the screenshot below. I suggest viewing our org chart help center article to learn more about our import functionality. Our org chart import functionality allows you to break your entire organization into different departments like sales, marketing, product etc. This is helpful for larger organizations, so that they don't just have one large org chart that is too wide and hard to read. I hope this helps. 

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