Easy question-how to make everything non-transparent?


This is probably the dumbest question, but how do you see everything? I could be in the wrong template or setting, I'm not sure. I used the P&ID template and I am making an electrical 3 line diagram for a solar project. I have laid out the panels and inverter, trying to install the wiring but its so difficult with everything being transparent. I have to do a print preview to see if things are where I want them. Any help would be great. And if there is a 3 line diagram template you can point me to it would be awesome. Thanks.

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Andrew D
Lucid Manager

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for reaching out. Each shape/object has a line color and a fill color. The selected fill color in the top left corner with the black and gray checkers is the transparent fill color. If you don't want your shapes or lines to be transparent then make sure that the fill color and line color is not selected as shown. Unfortunately, I don't believe we have a 3 line diagram template. If this does not help resolve your questions, please add screenshots in your next comments to help us better understand your issue.