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Master Pages and Filters

I would like to create a complete org chart and make it the master page.  Then copy it over multiple times and apply different filters to each page.  Then if I have a position change/add, I want to add it to the master page that has the full org chart and all the other pages will update as required.

Example:  My full chart will have every employee in the company broken down by into different departments and sub departments.  On page 2, I only want to show the Sales Hierarchy chart, so I apply the Master to Page 2 and filer out everything but Sales.  Then if there is a personnel change to Sales, I want to go to the Master file, make the change and Page 2 will automatically update.

Is that possible?

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for posting in the community! It is possible to convert an org chart into a master page, then create multiple other pages from that master page. In this case, any changes made to the master page would be reflected in all other pages. However, currently you would only be able to apply a filter from the master page (not individual filters for each page). If adding this functionality would be useful for you, please let us know via our feature request form. I apologize for any inconvenience!

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