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Work Not Saved

I signed for a free premium trial and have been using lucidhart for 4-5 days without closing the page and CONSTANTLY SAVING my edits. Today I had to restart my laptop as it wen out of charge. When I logged back to my lucidchart account, all my work was gone ! I still have access at the document, but I can only see 1/10 of the work I have done in the past 4-5 days. Could you please help me ? How can I get my job back ?

I tried to use the revision history feature but it asks me to upgrade to level - pro and to pay 120£ per year. Can I upgrade to level - pro to just see if I can get my work back or I have to pay 120£ ?


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Hey Marco, thanks for the post. It looks like my colleague Abby has responded to your email regarding this issue. Since we have not received any other reports of saving issues, we've requested some additional information so that we can determine what is going on. Sometimes, it can be due to a spotty internet connection or a firewall on the network. She will be able to gather this information from you in order to move forward.

Thank you for your time! 

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