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A flowchart inside a flowchart

I have a general flowchart. In one of the boxes i need to be able to show the more detailed process. I tried using mind mapping, for the colapsable boxes. But i need to different types or arrow, one for the next level (that can be collapsed) and one arrow that just points, without the logic of the mind map.  

This is the miniatyre that need to fit inside a box:

Root-> first step + expandable details-> secound step + expand details, -> third step + expandable details -> and so on. 


I did try the level and hot spots, but could not make it work without having a big blanc box in the middle of the form. It looked wierd. 

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Hi Cecilie,

We do not have a specific feature to facilitate what you are hoping to do, but I think it would be possible to get the same effect using layers. You can see an example use case of having multiple versions of a document that can be expanded as needed in this template, and a more detailed description of how to use layers to build these dynamic diagrams in this video. Hope this helps!

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