Try To Export As PNG Transparent And Now The Diagram Is Lost



Tried To Download A Diagram As PNG Transparent Background, Encountered An Error and Now Discover The Diagram Is Completely Gone...Can we recover please? 



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Abby S
Lucid Manager

Hi Alex,

Thanks for reaching out to the Lucid community. I am sorry for the trouble and would love to take a closer look at the issue. 

Can you try opening the document in a Chrome Incognito browsing session? This often improves performance by starting a fresh cookie session and disabling your extensions.

If you have a Team or Enterprise account you can also check the revision history to see if the changes are there. Please see this article for information on how you can restore from a previous version.

It's also worth noting that saving issues are often related to an unstable internet connection. You many want to look at your internet connection to confirm that this is not a factor.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, please take a look at these options:

  • The document(s) may still be there. Can you double check that you're in the correct account? Sometimes users will use single sign on while signed into a different email account, which can produce errors. I suggest that you make sure you've checked any and all Lucidchart accounts that might be under your email address(es). We would be happy to check any email addresses in our system that you are unsure of.
  • It is easy to accidentally delete documents. Could you please check that the documents aren’t in your trash?
  • If the documents were shared with you and now you no longer see them in your account it is possible that whoever shared it with you rescinded your access. We would recommend reaching out to whoever owns the document to have them re-share it with you.
  • Your documents might be hiding in your browser history. If you carefully look through your browser history when you last worked on the document, you might be able to find it. If you are able to find it please send us the URL and that could help us track it down.

If none of these options work, please fill out this form and send the document name or URL. I may be able to locate the document that way. Please let me know if you have any questions.