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Radar or Spider Graph

I'm interested in making a radar graph with 5 lines radiating from the center, like a star. I would like to graph a score on each of the 5 radial lines, from 1-10 and then connect them with a line. This will help show areas of greatest weakness in a company. Any tips on how to make the 5 lines radiating from the center and mark them with numbers from 1-10? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for posting in the community! I think the easiest way to make this sort of graph would be using a combination of lines, text boxes, and our flex polygon shape. Currently, I do not know of any way to automate creating lines radiating from a central point and numbering them (but this can certainly be done manually). If having more automation for creating this sort of graph would be useful for you, we'd love to get your input via our feature request form

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