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**[READ ME] General guidelines on posting diagrams**

This section of the community is for the purpose of sharing your diagrams and work in Lucidchart.


TITLE: Title your post with a description of what the diagram is.


DESCRIPTION: Please include the following items in your description.

- A screenshot of your document

- A link to a view-only copy of your document

- Any other details you feel necessary


Users who share diagrams that highlight their use case may be eligible to a free Lucidchart 3-month trial (or extension to current subscription)! Those diagrams that are upvoted and used consistently may be graduated to the Template Gallery.


Please be aware that this is a public forum that other users can browse and view flowcharts. This means that it may not always be appropriate to share your work. Lucidchart is not responsible for any sensitive information that may be shared.



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