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*Requesting Diagrams/Templates*

There are several different places where templates are available for you to get an idea of how to start your project! You can check the template gallery here, more examples here, and hundreds more inside the Lucidchart editor. However, we also understand that your specific use case may not have an existing template. 

If you'd like to request a specific template, please comment on this thread with some basic information regarding the functionality, design and use case of the template you'd like to see. 



HI Ryan,

My organisation uses Lucid Chart for Azure Architecture diagram. I only managed to find Visio to import for Azure WebApps architecture only. I am wondering if you guys can build some templates around Azure architecture and general IT infrastructure diagrams.



Ajay N 0 votes

Hi Ryan/Abby - I understand this user request is several months old but not too long ago, but has there been a template released from Lucid to assist developers build Azure specific Network Infrastructure diagrams?. Please let me know as my org. is going through a transformation phase and these diagrams would great help us move into the future state.


Thank you so much!


Sumanraju 0 votes

Hey Suman, thanks for the post! We offer a template titled "Azure Cloud Starter Diagram" which you may find helpful. You can found in the Template Gallery when you go to open a new template in Lucidchart. If you would like to see more Azure specific Network Infrastructure templates, please fill out our feature request form. Thank you for using Lucidchart!

Megan W 0 votes

My company created a custom template  and stencil for Visio. I want to be able to use that same template/stencil or create the same kind using Lucidchart. The template has some pre-defined diagrams/symbols, and I can create something similar with Lucidchart. However, I don't see where I can create a stencil that will work with the template. The stencil contains all of the symbols/diagrams that would be used with the template. This is a partial screenshot. The stencil with the shapes appears on the left. Able to drag each symbol into the drawing mat.

Can this be accomplished with Lucidchart?


Pattie E 0 votes

Hi Pattie,

Thanks for posting in the community! This is possible! To import a Visio document you'd like to use as a template, please see instructions here. For importing your stencil and adding it to your document, please see instructions here. Once you have imported your document and added the stencil (called custom shape/custom shape libraries in Lucidchart), you can convert the document to a template via the instructions here. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Hope this helps!

Tate S 0 votes
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