Lost 3 in a pre-saved document


Hi, i have created a document more than a month back & added multiple pages to it.

this morning i added a page, worked on it and downloaded the diagram. 

Hours later, i logged in my account and the document is empty, only one blank page is there !

Checked the Trash and nothing is there!

How can this be recovered?





Abby S
Lucid Manager

Hi Suheir,

Thanks for reaching out on the community. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble with your doc, but I'm here to help.

If your work is still lost, there are a few things you can do:

1. The document may still be there. Can you double check that you're in the correct account? Sometimes users will use single sign on while signed into a different email account, which can produce errors. I suggest that you make sure you've checked any and all Lucidchart accounts that might be under your email address(es).
2. Your documents might be hiding in your browser history. If you carefully look through your browser history when you last worked on the document, you might be able to find it. Simply click on the name of the document in your history and it should be restored to your account.
3. If your docs are still there, but not updated with your latest work, you can check the revision history. Please see this article for information on how you can restore from a previous version. Here's a summary of the steps:

* Open the document
* On the right-hand side you'll see an icon of a clock; click on it
* This will extend a window with a history of your various versions. Simply click on one of the previous versions to restore it

If none of these options work, please fill out this form with the document name or URL. We may be able to locate the document that way.


Hi I had something similar. I have a lucid file with several tabs. One of these tabs is no longer showing. Can it be rescued back? Also what is the maximum set of tabs per file. Nervous I may lose the whole file if the memory gets too big?

Kent B
Lucid Manager

Hi Hema,

If the missing work is recent it is most likely an internet connectivity issue on your device. In this case there is unfortunately nothing we can do to recover it. I would recommend following the steps outlined above by Abby, specifically step 3.

If you would like us to take a look at your specific document, send us the document URL and a description of the issue using this form.

Documents do not have a tab limit. That said, memory performance can be affected by the number of shapes on a page, the number of tabs, as well as your device and internet connection. It is difficult to give really solid metrics for what will affect your document's performance. However the vast majority of users never encounter a situation in which the document they created is so large that performance is impacted. If the document performance is impacted it is extremely rare that it would lose the whole file. Personally I can't think of a case of that happening. More likely it will just start responding slower, but again, this is very rare.