Lost Document or Lost Work

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Lost document, lost work, very frustrated

I use the paid version through the school where I work.

In November I created an org chart using a template. I've worked on it on and off for the past seven months. Last time I did was in March. Now it's disappeared. It's late, I have a meeting tomorrow to present that work, and I will have to do it over again because it's nowhere to be found. This is incredibly frustrating. I'm already recreating it, but I'm writing hoping it can be found by support staff. I am sure I have not deleted it.

I am attaching a screen capture of a PDF I created some time back in case that helps. 

How can this have happened? How can I find my document?

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Hi Fernando,

Thanks for reaching out. I have created a support ticket with you and I will help you resolve this issue via email correspondence. If anyone has a similar issue, please fill out this form. Thanks for your patience. 

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