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How do I create and apply master pages?


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Master pages make it easy to replicate static content across multiple pages without needing to copy and paste. It's the fastest way to build mockups, add a company logo, or simply insert a field for a page number. Follow 3 easy steps to create and apply a master page:

  1. Create a new page tab and add content. You can add anything and everything that you put on a normal page - including hotspots and layers.
  2. When you've finished your page, right click on the page tab and select "Convert to Master." The page will be moved to the end of the tabs and tinted blue.
  3. Click on the target page, and choose "Apply Master" from the Page menu or the Master Pages panel on the Dock.

When you edit the Master, changes are automatically applied to the dependent pages. You can edit or delete the master in the same way you do a page tab, or use the Master Pages tool. Either works!

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I did the steps on top and I create my master page, however when I download the document as pdf, image or try to print, the master page is removed, do I need to activate something else?

Pablo Genaro G -1 votes
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I found the issue, the colors must be made with standard blocks, I put this items using the Hotspot function, which is wrong.

Pablo Genaro G 1 vote
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