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Advice On Integrated Document Structure

Hi.  This is a "creative" best practices questions from a brand new user of Lucid Chart.

I want to create an "Administrative Procedures" Document.  Ultimately, this document will reside online where someone can access it and utilize it.  This "someone" won't have any Lucid Chart knowledge and operation needs to be simple and clean.

The organizational structure would be as follows.

The "home" or initial page displays "macro level" procedural items, viewed as a process diagram.  When an item on the this macro level page is clicked, it will take the viewer to a new page view of a process diagram which displays more in depth info about the macro level item selected.  When an item on the "micro level" process view is selected, it takes the viewer to a google doc which details that item in compete detail.

I'm a bit confused about whether I should use separate pages to accomplish this or layers in the same page so the end product looks cleaner and simpler to the viewer.

Any creative help out there?



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Hi Bob - Thanks for reaching out! 

I would recommend using separate pages for this to make it as clean as possible without having to add much complexity on your side either. Here's how I'd do it:

  1. Make the home page with the process diagram
  2. Link the elements on this home page to other pages in the document, which explain in more detail
  3. Add a link to the elements on the other pages (where appropriate) to go back to the home page or to take the user to a Google Doc

I hope that helps!

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