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How Generate/Save a Flowchart from/to a CSV File?

Lucidchart Mavens,

Because I was told that Lucidcharts supports generating diagrams by importing CSV files, I just signed up with the aspiration of generating a simple flowchart (dragging, dropping, moving and connecting is a ton of NO FUN).


However, after frantically searching the Help files (etc.)...I cannot find a way to import a CSV file...generate a flowchart...nudge it around a bit with the graphical tools...then export it back to a CSV file.


Hopefully I've overlooked something quite simple and CSV importing/exporting is buried away somewhere in a not-so-obvious menu.


What's the best thing to do to import/export CSV source files to generate/save Flowcharts in Lucidcharts?

  • Your ideas? Suggestions?

Many thanks!



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Hi Rick,

Thanks for your post! Lucidchart supports importing CSV files to create org charts and ERDs, but this functionality is not available for all types of diagrams. You can also import and export text files to create mind maps. Other file types that Lucidchart imports include: PNG, JPEG, SVG, Visio Stencil files, Visio, Omnigraffle, and Gliffy.

Depending on what type of diagram you're looking to create, follow one of the links above to get started. :) I hope that helps!

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