How to restore a deleted document


I have a user that accidentally deleted a document is there a way to get it back?

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Monika G
Lucid Manager

Hi everyone-

If you deleted a document, then you should see it in your Trash view. There, if you click on the document, you can use the additional options to "restore". Please note that if you deleted the document but are not an owner, you will have to request that the owner re-share the document with you as it will not appear in your Trash.

If you deleted a folder, you'll see the folder in the same spot. Trash is located on the left side of the main Documents Page

If you deleted a page in a document, then you can recover it by going to the History panel (looks like a clock) on the right side. There, you can walk through previous versions of your document and use the two buttons at the bottom of the panel to either revert to that version or to create a new document from that version.

If you have any trouble or specific questions, please send a detailed email to us at

Please note that unlicensed users, who are view-only, do not have permission to restore documents.