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How do I change the account owner of my team?


I was the first person from my company to use LucidChart. Now, every person who joins LucidChart automatically joins a team that's been automatically created for me because of my email domain. That means that for every person that works at (~1000 people) that now joins LucidChart, I get an email requesting me to grant them a license. Then, because I do not have licenses to grant, I get a personal email, then chat messages. I'm trying to work with our IT department to transfer ownership of the team to them so that they can do this but we have yet to find a way to switch team owners. 

Please help :)

Thank you!





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Updating this thread. You can now transfer ownership of a team account yourself. To do this, the main account owner / admin needs to go to the Team page and then Users. Right-click the person you'd like to make the new admin, and you'll see the option to "make account owner". 



What do you do if the main account owner / admin has left the company and you don't have their login credentials?

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Hey Karme! You would contact us here so that we can verify billing information to transfer ownership. I see that you've already done that, so I will be responding soon :)

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