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Lost Text

 A coworker shared me on a org chart for our company and I am unable to read the text in each of the cells. They appear as black boxes and not actual characters. When I click on the box, I can read the information, but the black boxes are not very conducive to reading and printing. How can I remove these black boxes?

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Hi Zachary, 

Thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry that you are experiencing trouble with this. Sometimes issues like this are related to the internet connection and web browser you are using. Would you mind trying a few quick steps for us?

1. Make sure you're on a fast, reliable internet connection.
2. Make sure you're using the most recent version of your browser. We recommend Google Chrome for optimal performance.
3. Try browsing in a Chrome Incognito window. This will disable your extensions and cookies, which often improves performance.
4. Try turning off WebGL. This can be done by going to View > Use WebGL and un-selecting this option.

If these steps don't help, I'll be happy to troubleshoot further, and would appreciate it if you'd submit a support ticket so that I can get more information from you. 

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