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Hi! I'm a student and would like to know how to obtain a free education account 

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Hi Alex!

Thanks for posting on the Community. You can follow these steps to upgrade your account to a free educational account:

1. Register for a free account with your educational email address.

2. You should automatically be upgraded to a free educational account.

If you see a banner at the top of your documents page indicating that you are on a free account, follow this link and click on the Request my Upgrade button. Once you submit the form, your request will be reviewed within 24-28 hours.





I have tried to apply for an educational licence but when I type in the relevant information, I receive and automated email saying that my email address I provided is not associated with an educational institution. However, it is! Please can you advise on what to do?



Mr L 0 votes

Hi there,

Thanks for posting! I've submitted your domain to be approved for automatic EDU upgrades, and those changes should be processed within the next several weeks. Happy charting!

For future users in the community, please provide your educational domain in the request so that we can submit the approval. 

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I would like to use Lucidchart for group mind mapping with my students, but we are having an issue with real-time collaboration. I created a template, and one member of each group created a new document from that template and shared it with their group members, but only one student is able to edit even though all students in the group have editing privileges. Is this because their accounts defaulted to free accounts instead of student accounts? They signed up with their school Google accounts. I had them fill out the educational upgrade form today. Is there an easy way for future students to create education accounts without filling out the request form?

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Hi Dana! Thanks for posting and for having students proactively fill out the educational upgrade form. You can also shoot us an email at and we can looking into classifying your domain for automatic upgrades.

I will save you a step and submit your domain for approval now. It will be about a week until this update takes effect, at which point new users on this domain will automatically be upgraded. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

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