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floor plan document is gone

Hi, I started a free account yesterday to see how Lucidchart works. My husband and I want to make some design changes to our home and he is unable to visualize what I describe, so I thought this may just bridge the gap between our ideas. It looks basic enough, because I don't want anything fancy, and I do like it, but now I can't find the floor plan I designed. I would like to show my husband now so that we can purchase this, but if the stuff just disappears and cannot be retrieved, then perhaps this just isn't as useful as I thought it might be. 




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Hi Becky,

Thanks for posting. If your work is still lost, there are a few things you can do:

1. The document might be there now, but for some reason didn't show up when you last looked. Can you double check to ensure the documents aren't there?
2. You may have logged into the wrong account, possibly by using single sign on while signed into a different email account. I suggest that you make sure you've checked any and all Lucidchart accounts that might be under your email address(es).
3. Your documents might be hiding in your browser history. If you carefully look through your browser history when you last worked on the document, you might be able to find it. Simply click on the name of the document in your history and it should be restored to your account.

If you still cannot find your diagram, please send an email to support@lucidchart.com so that we can help you on an account specific basis. 

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