Lost Document or Lost Work

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Duplicate function

I used the duplicate option (right click on document tab) and did hours of work rearranging my chart.  I did a "save as" to ensure it was saved.  When I logged back on to do additional work on the document, the document was gone.  I have even tried to create a duplicate and then save and come back to it - and it is gone.

Based upon everyone else comments, it seems the ability of Lucid Charts to actually save a document is a hit and miss adventure.

And what does Unsaved mean after clicking on "save as".

How can I get Lucid Charts to actually save my document (I don't believe it when LC states "saving" as it seems to always show this message).



The suggestion is for best performance use Chrome.  It should work with IE until such time as you actually state that IE does not work with LC.  As for the suggestion to remove all cookies and extensions is not actually an option for most environments.  Clearing cache is and done without any affect.  And I am using the latest IE for windows 7.

In the meantime, any changes I make and save seem to vanish into the clouds with no return.

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