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Lost my documents

Hi, I made some document in the free version of Lucidchart one month ago. And now they're gone. Today I registered and payed the montly fee. But I still cannot find my document? Can somebody help me please?

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Hi Margot!

Thanks for reaching out on the Community. I have some troubleshooting steps that I think will help:

1. The document might be there now, but for some reason didn't show up when you last looked. Can you double check to ensure the documents aren't there?
2. You may have logged into the wrong account, possibly by using single sign on while signed into a different email account. I suggest that you make sure you've checked any and all Lucidchart accounts that might be under your email address(es).
3. Your documents might be hiding in your browser history. If you carefully look through your browser history when you last worked on the document, you might be able to find it. Simply click on the name of the document in your history and it should be restored to your account.
4. If your docs are still there, but not updated with your latest work, you can check the revision history. Click here for a screenshot of how you can restore from a previous version. Here's a summary of the steps:

  • Open the document
  • On the right-hand side you'll see an icon of a clock; click on it
  • This will extend a window with a history of your various versions. Simply click on one of the previous versions to restore it.
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I've lost all my work and need help immediately!!!

I was logged in online, payed the monthly subscription, saved my work and logged off in the evening. Now I cant find my work!!!!!!

Please help as this is now serious. I'm paying money for a service that has lost my work.


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Hi there! I am not seeing a paid subscription tied to this account so most likely you are logged into the wrong account. I will be responding to your email requesting some additional information to locate your paid account. Please be on the lookout for an email from support@lucidchart.com. Thanks!

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