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Document not getting automatically saved

I have noticed the past few days, my document is not getting automatically saved. I have made updates to one document and noticed the status always states "Saving". At times, it does change to "Unsaved".


I have attempted to refresh the page, close and reopen the document, log out then log back in, make a small change and noticed its still not saving automatically.


Is there a bug of some kind currently going on? Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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Hi Melissa, thanks for reaching out! Issues like this are typically related to network and browser you're using. Would you mind trying a few things to improve performance?

  1. Update your browser (we recommend Google Chrome for optimal performance)
  2. Clear cache/cookies
  3. Try opening Lucidchart in an incognito window
  4. Disable extensions

Let me know if any of these resolves the issue!

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