Corporate Templates

When you are managing a large account, template governance can be difficult. Anyone can share templates with others and anyone with edit access can modify them. Users don’t know which templates are “official” or where to find them. Templates can get lost if the owner leaves the account. 

With corporate templates, admins can manage how your team uses and shares Lucidchart templates to streamline collaboration across your org.

 Admins of enterprise accounts can assign users on the account the role of template manager. To do, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the User tile of the admin panel
  2. Click the row of the user
  3. In the panel on the right, click edit next to “roles”
  4. Check the box next to “Corporate Template Admin Privileges”, then click Confirm. 


Template managers can create corporate templates that are automatically shared with the entire account. All users on the team can access these templates in the “corporate” section of the template picker. 

To convert a document or template into a corporate template, right-click on the document thumbnail, then select “Convert to Corporate Template.” 


With corporate templates, enterprise users can do the following:

  • Quickly share templates with the entire team
  • Access a one stop shop for official content
  • Ensure users utilize approved, up-to-date, on brand templates
  • Prevent unapproved edits to official templates 

When I convert back from template to doc, who can see and what is the user experience?

  • When a corporate template is converted back to a document, it retains the permissions it had prior to becoming a corporate template, so users who previously had access to the document will have access again. If the original doc was copied when converted, the doc appears in the user’s my docs folder. If it was moved when converted, it appears in the original location it was converted from.

When I delete a template, what happens?

  • When a user deletes a corporate template, it is moved to the trash and no longer appears in the template picker or the corporate templates section of the docslist.

How does the copy/move function work?

  • When converting a document to a corporate template, users have the option to either move or copy the doc to the corporate templates section. If it is moved, the doc no longer appears in its original file location and collaborators no longer have access to the document. If it is copied, a copy is moved to the corporate templates section, and the original document remains in its file location, preserving collaborator access.

How do permissions work?

  • What can the template owner do vs. collaborators?
    • Once a document is converted to a corporate template, it is owned by the account, not any individual user (similar to team folders). Any corporate template admin can edit, delete, or convert the template back to a document.
  • Does the owner have additional rights?
    • The owner (assuming they’re a template admin) has the same rights as other template admins.