Attach Images

Lucidchart makes it easy to attach visuals (e.g. screenshots) to each step in a process flow, in order to help expand upon the described workflow. This feature will help those who are reviewing your document get access to relevant additional information without cluttering up the diagram.

Where can images be attached? 

You can attach images to shapes, groups, lines, or pages. You can apply them anywhere you can create custom data.

How can I reuse shapes with attached images?

Shapes with attached images can be added to custom shape libraries for reuse (same as for custom data).

Who can see the attached images?

Anyone you share the document with has the ability to see the attached images. This includes view/comment only users, who can view attached images in the image preview via the on-canvas icon on the shape.

Is there an icon to indicate which shapes have images attached?

Yes! Similar to the Notes or Comments icon, there is an icon that indicates if a shape or group has images attached (as can be seen to the top right of this box below).


Can I download an image that has been attached in Lucidchart?

No, it is not possible to download attached images.

Locate the Attach Images feature 

In the ‘Selected Shape Data’ section in the right panel, scroll down past ‘Custom Data’ to the ‘Attach Images’ section (and move the Linked Data panel down if needed).


Upload images into the Attach Images section 

You can attach images via the (+) icon, by clicking ‘Choose a file’, or by dragging & dropping a file into the Attach Images section.


Supported file types are: .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .jpe, .tiff, .tif, .psd, .ai, .pdf, and .svg

Note: Since PDFs will be attached as an image, only the first page of the PDF will be attached.

Preview an attached image

Click on the thumbnail of an attached image to open a larger preview. If multiple images are attached, you can use the arrow buttons on either side of the preview to navigate through the images.

Rename or delete an attached image

To rename or delete an attached image, start by hovering over the thumbnail of the attached image to see the (...) more menu.

From there, select ‘Rename’ to edit the display name of the image, or select ‘Delete’ to delete the image from the selected object.